Levene Tadman Golub
Law Corporation


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Corporate & Commercial Services

Business clients of all sizes benefit from extensive experience of counsel representing them in matters of a commercial nature:

  • Technology

  • Taxation

  • Securities

  • Property and Development

  • Municipal

  • Intellectual Property

  • Government

  • Financial

  • Bankruptcy

  • Construction

  • Administrative Law

  • Insurance and Debt Restitution

  • Wills and Executors

  • Real Estate

Real Estate

The firm provides legal support to clients in the acquisition and sale of commercial and residential property. Lawyers are actively consulted in:

  • commercial and residential development projects

  • real estate syndications, including those related to Securities Act matters

  • subdivision, zoning and related municipal issues

  • mortgages and other types of real estate property financing

  • construction contracts

  • joint ventures

  • condominiums

  • leasing

Wills and Estates

Legal advice associated with the preparation of wills and the dispositions of estates range from:

  • preparation of a simple will

  • complex guidance required in estate planning

  • establishing bequests and trusts

  • testamentary and inter vivos advice to trust companies, executors and administrators